This page describes our Direct Debit & Credit Card Payment Terms & Conditions as of 1st March, 2017


The payment facility is provided by Rivertel Pty Ltd, using the secure banking facilities of Westpac Banking Corporation.
You can contact Rivertel Pty Ltd by any of the methods shown here.

Our Admin Office is located at 244 Noalimba Avenue, Kentucky NSW 2354 Australia. Call us on 1800 288 871 or from overseas +61 2 9098 5047.

You can still send us a fax to +61 (0) 2 67787419, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Terms:

Where products are shipped to you, they are sent using Australia Post pre-paid satchel or Parcel Post. You will be SMS'd the tracking number when the item has been posted. All items in stock will be despatched within 2 working days.
All products shipped are charged on your next invoice, including the item itself & applicable shipping charges.
Products can only be shipped to existing customers in good standing.


Refund Policy
All services are charged monthly, 6 monthly, annually or 2 yearly. The full amount of the charge is payable if the service is cancelled during the applicable period. For example if your internet billing period is from 3rd to 2nd of following month and you cancel the service on the 15th of the month there is no rebate for the unused period between 16th & 2nd.
In addition, if your service is under contract, an Early Termination Fee of $195 applies. (only applies to Contracted Services)
Any charges to your Credit Card or Bank account which are found to be incorrect will be refunded to your Credit Card or Bank Account within 5 working days. If you identify a charge which you believe to be incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can investigate & resolve the matter.
Any item which is "Dead on Arrival" will be replaced.
Australian Warranty & Manufacturer Warranties apply.


All prices shown on this website are in Australian Dollars & include GST.
All charges applied via Direct Debit from your Bank Account or Credit Card are in Australian Dollars.


Sign up
You can sign up for Direct Debit from your Bank Account using Westpac's Secure Facility here:
To Sign up for Automatic Direct Debit from your bank account click here.

Credit Card payment sign up coming very soon.


Paying Your Account Frequently Asked Questions
Please see the FAQ here


When you sign up for Direct Debit by your Bank Account or Credit Card you agree to the following

Direct Debit Agreement - Bank Account & Credit Card

I/We authorise Rivertel to debit my/our account, detailed in the Schedule below, with any amount and at the time due according to the arrangement between us, via Westpac Banking Corporation Payment services using the Direct Debit System, for charges incurred for services provided by Rivertel.
In addition, I/ We affirm that I/We have read and agree to the Direct Debit Agreement. This authority is to remain in force until notice is received by Rivertel in accordance with the Direct Debit Agreement.

When we are bound by this agreement and what we agree and what we can do

1. We agree to be bound by this agreement when we receive your Direct Debit Request complete with the particulars we need to draw an amount under it.

2. We only draw money out of your account in accordance with the terms of your Direct Debit Request.
3. On giving you at least 14 days notice, we may:

    a. Change our procedures in this agreement;
    b. Change the terms of your Direct Debit Request; or
    c. Cancel your Direct Debit Request.

4. You may ask us to:

    a. Alter the terms of your Direct Debit Request;
    b. Defer a payment to be made under your Direct Debit Request;
    c. Stop a drawing under your Direct Debit Request; or
    d. Cancel your Direct Debit appropriate organisation to assist you

5. You may dispute any amount we draw under Direct Debit Request by contacting us, detailing your (customer reference details) and your bank account or Credit Card number. You will also be required to provide a detailed explanation of the dispute to assist in a resolution.

6. We deal with such any dispute by the following procedure:

    a. We will investigate the dispute, and where necessary you are expected to provide your cooperation. This cooperation may include contacting your bank, providing account statements, or other means of substantiating a dispute. b. While a dispute is being investigated, you may request that we suspend pending payments until a resolution is reached. Please note that we will keep written record of dispute proceedings to assist in dispute resolution.

7. Payments will be made in accordance with your contract. If the day on which you must make any payment to us is not a business day, we draw on your account under your Direct Debit Request on the following business day. If your banking institution rejects any of our attempts to draw an amount in accordance with your Direct Debit Request, we may continue to seek that payment and recoupment of any fees incurred by us as a consequence of that rejection until all amounts due are paid.

8. We will not disclose to any person any information you give us on your Direct Debit Request, which is not generally available, unless: You dispute any amount we draw under your Direct Debit Request and we need to disclose any information relating to your Direct Debit Request to You.

9. To contact us in accordance with the above, please use the contact details available on our website by clicking on the link About / Contact Australis