PlanFamily PackSuper Pack
Internet Connection ADSL 2+ ADSL 2+
Data Size 250GB 500GB
Per Month $99 (plus chargeable calls) $109 (plus chargeable calls)
Landline Yes yes
$ per MB $0.000396  $0.000218 
Data Counted In Both Directions 
Shaped Yes 
Shaping Speed 256KBpS 
Extra Data Pack Yes $5 per GB 
IP Address Dynamic
Static IP Optional $3.50 pm 
Local Calls* Free 
National Calls* Free 
Mobile Calls* 25 cents per min capped at $2.50 per call 
Cost of a 2 Min call to Mobile 50 Cents 
13/1300 Calls* 42 cents each 
Modem / Handset BYO 
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Telephone Set up $59 or $125 or $299 depending on connection type. No Charge for Active Telephone number ports 

No Contract

$195 ADSL Set up 
Early Termination Fee Nil 
12 Month Contract
$125 ADSL set up 
Early Termination Fee $125 
24 month Contract Free ADSL Set up 
Early Termination Fee $195 
Minimum Charge** - No contract $294 $304
Minimum Charge** - 12 months contract $1313 $1433
Minimum Charge** - 24 months contract $2376 $2616
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* Free Calls apply to Standard call types only within Australia
** Minimum Charge does not include Options like Static IP, Extra Data Blocks, Telephone Connection Charge (if applicable) etc

***All Speeds mentioned on this website are Theoretical Network Maximum Speeds. That means that the actual speed you get at your computer is dependant on many factors, see some of those factors here