Voicemail Quick Start Guide

How your voicemail works

When someone calls you, if you do not answer your phone in 20 seconds or you are on the phone, the caller will be prompted to leave a voicemail. Once they complete their message, the caller has an option to review the message, send or discard the message. If the caller just hangs up, the message will be sent.

The voicemail will then be delivered to you by email as a wave file attachment.

Accessing your voicemail


From your VoIP handset, dial 101 and press the green tick key to dial. You will be prompted with a menu. If your handset has a ‘Message’ button, you can press the Message button instead of dialling 101.

You may be asked to enter your extension number when dialling 101.

Setting up your voicemail

To setup your voicemail you need to complete the following steps on your VoIP handset:

  1. Dial 101 and then press “0” on your keypad for mailbox options.
  2. Press 1 to record the message people will hear when they call and you do not answer and follow the prompts
  3. Press 2 to record the message people will hear when they call and you are on the phone and follow the prompts
  4. Press 3 to record your name and follow the prompts
  5. Press # or hang-up to complete the process

Each time you record a greeting, you will be prompted to press either 1 to accept, 2 to review or 3 to re-record

Using your voicemail

Any voicemails you receive will be sent to your email address and will not be stored on the voicemail system.

When you dial 101 you will hear there is an option to listen to voicemails. You will always have no new voicemail messages.