Internet for Your Home


We offer ADSL - also called Broadband - services so that you can connect to the internet.

This is a service which uses your telephone line to provide a connection.

Our ADSL connections come in two speeds 1500 or ADSL 2+ & in sizes from 25GB to 1000GB.

As long as you have a connected & working phone line, we can provide you with ADSL


adsl standalone

Standalone ADSL - means your Phone line is with another provider - More Details here




adsl package deals

A Package Deal (sometimes called a Bundle) including Phone & ADSL, where both the services are with us - More Details here





If you are lucky enough to be in an area which has been set up for the NBN Co Network, we can also offer you an NBN service.

This might be by Optical Fibre, or Fixed Wireless

You'll find more details here on our NBN services website